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What gifts do clients bring escorts?

gifts for escorts

Clients like to add something extra when they arrange a booking with an escort. Whether it is an incall or outcall bookings clients like to bring gifts to the booking for the escort. Escorts relatively new to the business will always be impressed and surprised by such gifts. Clients going above and beyond the fees on the escort profile is something not discussed when escorts join. But it does happen frequently.

In this article we will discuss some of the many gifts that clients bring escorts. We will look to provide some helpful advice on the subject.

Flowers, perfume, champagne and chocolates are probably the most common gifts that female escorts receive from clients. These are obviously seen as quite romantic and are a good way to start a booking. Setting the right mood. Also the champagne and or chocolates can be opened and enjoyed at the start or even all the way through the booking.

Another set of gifts that can be unwrapped and used in the booking itself are sex toys! Dildos and strap-ons might well be used immediately. Escorts that can be dominant or even escorts that classify themselves as a dominatrix will especially appreciate such gifts. You cannot have too many dildos, especially if they are of different sizes.

Clothing is also known to be offered as a gift at the start of an escort booking. Sexy lingerie is definitely a way to get things heated up. Certainly if the female escort then goes and changes into it. A client will buy the lingerie hoping this will happen. This will definitely lead to a very sexually charged build up to a booking. The client will be fantasizing about the escort wearing the sexy gift. Clients who like to see women in sexy footwear may well ask for a shoe size before the booking, in order to purchases high heels or boots as a gift.

Saucy London’s advice is not to spend too much on a gift for a escort you have not seen before. Of course at Saucy London escort agency we try our best to make sure every lady joining our London escort portfolio is up to the right standards. But the last thing you want is to make a very expensive purchase only for the booking to be a disappointment. When seeing an escort for the second time, then this would be a good time to bring a gift. Clients who see an escort regularly may get a better feel for what she likes. A more practical gift could be chosen. For example maybe she mentions that she needs a new bicycle or computer. It not unheard of for clients to make the purchase for his favourite escort. Some times when a client and escort relationship moves to a very regular basis, it could be seen as a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship. If things get carried away, it is important than boundaries are made clear.

We hope this give you some assistance on what gifts you could bring an escort. We certainly think some thought should be made before making a purchase. Escorts certainly appreciate gifts that clients bring them.